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Midge Marsden


BACK TO THE WELL - 2014 Album of new material

TRAVEL'N TIME - 2007 Album for Midge Marsden features 'unplugged' versions of Midge's back catalogue

The MIDGE MARSDEN Collection - a career retrospective spanning 50 years for the first time on 2 CD's from one of New Zealand's most revered musical entertainer's and journeyman of the Rhythm & Blues.

For the first time and curated by Midge himself, this special 28-track limited 2CD release opens with a classic Van Morrison influenced version of the Big Joe Williams song Baby Please Dont Go, recorded in 1967 by Wellington based R&B group The Breakaways featuring Midge on lead vocals and harmonica.The album offers a fascinating insight into Midges musical history covering his classic R&B roots, country-fused, big band & blues rock genres. A highlight is the rare historical trackRangitoto from The Country Flyers, a song written for the Bastion Point protests and occupation in Auckland in the late 70s.

After stints with The Phil Manning Band in Australia, Midge hit his stride with The Midge Marsden Connection and further 12 Bars from Mars albums in the early 80s, before going on to travel the world, studying and playing the blues whilst meeting and becoming good friends with the likes of Mississippi Willie Foster, Bobby Mack & Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Upon living in Texas, Midge would often stay at Stevies house as well as tour with him, playing harmonica.

Travellin On, the last track on the first disc, is the alternative version of the song featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan, written by Murray Grindlay, which was recorded and filmed for the Europa commercial in 1987. The original TV commercial is available to view on You Tube.

Midges biggest commercial success then came with the release of Burning Rain in 1990, the iconic single and album which went on to achieve Gold certified sales in New Zealand.Burning Rain, Struckdown By The Blues and the Hammond Gamble penned Daylight Robbery from the Burning Rain Album are a polished statement from this classic album and feature as the first four tracks on the second disc.

Then follows a great version of Thru The Southern Moonlight, originally written and recorded in 1975 by well-known Kiwi band Rockinghorse. Other highlights from the collection include Midges recordings with The Rodger Fox Big Band, Bullfrog Rata and more recent versions of re-recorded classics from the Liberation Music Travel N Time album from 2007 and most recent releaseBack To The Well.

For any Midge Marsden fan or music enthusiast, the double jewel case package includes a 12-page glossy booklet with track by track notes and accompanying photographs.

This limited edition physical release of The MIDGE MARSDEN Collection (2CD) out on Friday Nov 24, 2017 will be followed by a national tour with full band in early 2018.


Back to the Well
The Midge Marsden Collection

The Legionnaires

Graham Brazier Dave McArtney Harry Lyon Neil Hannan Vinnie Buchanan Stuart Pearse


Live at the Esplanade


Catch US On A Good Day


Catch Us On A Good Day

Yogi Martin

Accordion Soloist extraordinaire.



Graham Brazier
Singer SongWriter Poet of legendary status




Now sharing his time between NZ, USA & Australia and once again proving very popular in the NZ Scene.


Best of Kevin Greaves

Tim Werry

Album of adult contemporary rock songs



Anna Rugis

Singer/songwriter/poet Anna Rugis is a former backup singer for Van
Morrison, Cat Stevens, The Kinks, Cliff Richard and others.

She has recorded two previous CDs of original music, RECONCILATION (1999)
and CAVE SONGS (2003).

She is published regularly in poetry journals and also writes musicals on
environmental themes for primary schools.

She produced Dianne Ponzio's CD, IN THE MIDDLE in 2005 and co-produced Linn
Lorkin's KIWIANA in 2006.

TRAFFIC IN GOLD is a collection of songs in the style of Celtic Mouth music
(port a bial).


Light As

Murray McNabb Group
The Murray McNabb Group is the latest incarnation of the outlet for the composition talents of Keyboardist, MURRAY McNABB.

Murray has been an influential figure in the NZ Jazz scene and the release of this album ASTRAL SURFERS is a continuation of that influence. Exploring new ground with the addition of the TABLA and traditional Chinese instruments, the ERHU and DULCIMER (English name) to the more usual Jazz Quintet of Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar and Saxophone

"Dr Tree" became well known through the late 1970’s, achieving almost rock star status. Long time collaborators, Drummer FRANK GIBSON and Guitarist MARTIN WINCH were Dr Tree stalwarts and also appear on this new release.

Murray has been writing for a long time, releasing several albums with ‘SPACE CASE’ for the ODE label and more with MODERN TIMES, BANDR and under his own name.

He co-wrote the music scores for the great NZ films ‘ONCE WERE WARRIORS’ and ‘BROKEN ENGLISH’ and in collaboration with MURRAY GRINDLAY has written and performed on hundreds of film and television soundtracks and commercials.

Parallels can be drawn between the ‘Dr Tree’ album; ‘Vulcan Worlds’ and Murray McNabb’s new release ‘ASTRAL SURFERS’ As Graham Reid wrote, regarding the 2008 re-release of the ‘Dr Tree’ Album;

‘When this album came out in the mid-Seventies jazz-rock fusion was at its peak and many otherwise sensible jazz musicians were wooed to the dark side. Few came out with any dignity (they just didn't get "rock") but Dr Tree from Auckland nailed it directly at a point where they were most comfortable; more jazz than rock because they were jazz musicians.’
‘ASTRAL SURFERS’ continues the fusion tradition with the addition of eastern themes and instruments.



Stephen Small

Stephen Small is an Auckland-based keyboardist with many interests. Beginning with classical piano training at the Guildhall School of Music (London) and many band projects, he moved between London and Auckland several times during the Nineties, eventually settling in Auckland in 1998. Stephen has worked either in the studio or onstage with such household names as Shihad, Exponents, Emma Paki, Miscreant, Hello Sailor, Rikki Morris, Augustino, Karen Hunter, Belinda Carlisle, NZSO, Opshop, Annie Crummer, Nathan King and Debbie Harwood. Stephen's foremost Jazz study was with flautist/composer Ian Marcus in London. In local Jazz genres he has worked extensively with the Neil Hannan Band, and also in collaboration with drummer Ron Samsom and bassist Olivier Holland. Stephen performs in a duo with singer Sharon Emirali, lectures in popular music at the University of Auckland, is a member of the Pop Science studio session band, and is keyboardist in local rock group Autozamm.



NZ Country Singer/Songwriter Series Vol 1
A collection of songs from previously released albums in a double CD package featuring Al Hunter, Red McKelvie and Glen Moffatt



Red McKelvie
"Red McKelvie was the guitar player in this line-up and to this day remains one of the greatest guitarists ever in this country (Australia) – he plays on every track of the first two albums and played all those lines on "Girls On the Avenue" that people still talk about." – Richard Clapton, 2005

If you had ears and lived in New Zealand or Australia through the 1970s to the 1990s chances are you would have heard the work of Kiwi guitarist Red McKelvie. He is a legend among musicians on both sides of the Tasman Sea whose performances are unwittingly planted deep in the psyches of the neighbouring nations.

It is difficult to have existed in the Antipodes without encountering the instantly recognisable layered guitar intro to Richard Clapton's "Girls On the Avenue" -- that's McKelvie upon McKelvie -- or catchy television jingles such as Crunchie, BASF's "Dear John" or the Red Nose Day anthem "You Make the Whole World Smile".

McKelvie was an integral part of them all either on guitar, pedal steel or button accordion. He played on most country music albums released in New Zealand from the mid-'70s to beyond 2000, guested on recordings by DD Smash and Hello Sailor, as well as being an in-demand live musician in his own bands or as a sideman in all manner of musical genres.


Ridin' on Trains

Al Hunter

Al Hunter is these days probably best known as voice for the hugely successful AMP Insurance jingle 'There's a Blue Sky Waiting For Me' penned by Callie Blood, Ian Morris and Jim Hall after AMP failed to secure the rights to Willie Nelson's Blue Skies. As a singer, he is up there with country music legends George Jones and Merle Haggard, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt and Steve Earle. His 1987 album Neon Cowboy presented 11 of his own songs which respected New Zealand Herald music critic Graham Reid said, ".. make country hip." Al Hunter is a double winner of the NZ Music Industries' Country Award, and is currently based in the South Island, working with members of the Coalrangers and occasionally reuniting with former bandmate Red McKelvie.



Buckle is the brainchild of sax / keyboard player Godfrey de Grut (of Elemeno P fame) and Chris White. Their top selling album "Cut Lips" continues the journey started by Nathan Haines Shift Left album. Buckle are an exciting live band.


Cut Lips

Chris White/Aaron Nevezie Quartet
The Chris White Aaron Nevezie Quartet is the joining of forces of Aaron Nevezie and Chris White, with two of New Zealand's finest rhythm section players - Kevin Haines and Tony Hopkins. Chris also leads The Chris White Trio and The Four Brothers Saxophone Quartet and plays with the Rodger Fox Big Band. Aaron Nevezie lives in Brooklyn, new York where he runs a recording studio, the Bunker.


Take Me With You

Galley Slaves
New Zealand's premier Country Music backing band, the Galley Slaves are Mike McCarthy, Neil Hannan, Rob Galley, Chet O'Connell, Bruce King. all with extensive experience playing live performance and studio sessions.


Hands Behind Your Back

George Chisholm Quintet
Though better known internationally as a trumpeter, and with session credits for many of the most illustrious names in jazz, George's first love is the piano, and he plays piano with his ensemble - a combo of piano, bass, drums, sax and occasional trombone.



Glen Moffatt
Singer and songwriter Glen Moffatt has been called 'the human jukebox' in recognition of his repertoire of hundreds of songs. Country music veteran Noel Parlane described Glen as "the future of NZ country music" an apt description considering Glen and his Band of professionals are equally at home in concert or at your "get down" party.


If That's What You Want
A Place to Play

Hammond Gamble

Charismatic singer/songwriter and electrifying blues guitarist Hammond Gamble has a career dating from the early 70s when his performances in Auckland Band 'Street Talk' quickly made his name. He has many awards and has supported such legends as Tina Turner, Joe Cocker and Bob Dylan on New Zealand tours. Most of his recent performances have been in solo acoustic mode.


Plugged In and Blue

Helen Medlyn, Penny Dodd
Mezzo soprano Helen Medlyn, and conductor, arranger and pianist Penny Dodd are best known together as "hell" cabaret divas, with Helen singing to Penny's playing. Helen also has a profile as a classical concert soloist and voiceover artist, and Penny is known as a musician for theatre and opera, and musical arranger for large scale events. They are joined by Neil Hannan (bass) on their most recent album.


darling it's hell

Jason Jones
Saxophonist Jason Jones' distinctly individual sound results from diverse studies in composition at Auckland University and in the USA, and many years of jazz playing experience. He has appeared with the Rodger Fox Big Band, the George Chisholm Quintet, the Murray McNabb Group, Jazz in the Present Tense and the Kim Paterson Quintet as well as leading his own ensemble.



Neil Hannan
Bass Player Neil Hannan's Solo and Band album releases
are a collaborative effort featuring original compositions.


24 Hour Oasis
What were they Thinking

The Boadicea Band
The band was formed from seasoned professionals selected to perform 'Boadicea' the Musical.



Ritchie Pickett

Quick witted NZ Singer/Songwriter



Diane Ponzio
From Brooklyn, New York, Singer/Songwriter DIANE PONZIO proudly endorses MARTIN Guitars.
Her new album 'IN THE MIDDLE' was recorded in New Zealand on her last visit.
A stunning collection of original songs.



Nick Theobald

New Album from Singer/Song Writer and Warratahs Member: Nick Theobald



Popera and Popular Male Singing Group



The Auckland Jazz Orchestra

In 2009, Mike Booth and Tim Atkinson founded the AJO with the primary intention of showcasing new and original New Zealand compositions. The AJO draws its membership from tertiary graduates, music teachers and professionals. They all have the common goal of promoting local music and testing their collective skills in a Big Band setting. The 17 piece jazz ensemble has performed with a variety of guest soloists and singers, both local and international.



Jocelyn Carlin

Beautiful New Photography Book




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